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Surprising Remedies

Imagine if you could use your sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing to fight disease, eliminate pain, and repair your whole body, cell by cell. Well, with Surprising Remedies, now you can! For example:

Migraines? Smell an apple! Reduced the frequency and severity of migraines in a university study.

Beat chronic fatigue with … chocolate? Yes! But whatever you do, don't eat it. Do this instead for rapid relief.

Melt away joint pain with … a rubber ball? Yes! Here's when this works.

Cut cancer pain 40% without drugs. The secret is this Swedish massage technique.

72-hour back-pain breakthrough! Cuts pain 60% or more. Amazing results of a university study.

Beat carpal tunnel syndrome with an ancient Chinese trick. Works as well as steroids.

Sound therapy fights fatigue! Takes 3 minutes and can be done anytime … anywhere … even while at work!

And much, much more!

Power Up
Your Life

You'll find scores of powerful secrets for protecting and improving your health.

Worse than smoking, diabetes, and high cholesterol for your heart! A shocking revelation!

Stay slim by drinking coffee? Yes! Learn how on page 10. Doctor's amazing discovery helps lower blood pressure, too!

When doing housework can be hazardous to your health! Amazing but true.

Easiest way to slash artery disease by 48% — without a diet, exercise, or supplements! Amazing results of a university study.

Halt the aging process by reading? Yes, according to a study of 3,500 adults! Another study found it to slow cognitive decline.

Beat depression without drugs, supplements, or exercise. The secret is right in your garden!

And many more health-boosting, health-protecting secrets!

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Energy-Charged Smoothies & Healing Teas

Love healing teas and
nutrient-packed smoothies? Then you'll love these recipes that work with the powerful nutrition principles found in
Total Health Turnaround.

The fruit-surprise smoothie that helps you lose weight! Packed with nutrients to help speed weight loss, build muscle, and cool the heat of hot flashes.

The super green smoothie that detoxes your body! Flush away health-robbing toxins while boosting your health.

The breakfast smoothie that boosts digestive health. Great detoxifier, too!

Immunity-boosting raspberry smoothie! Fights germs and infections and strengthens your immune system.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Then you'll want to try this delicious tea. Beats anxiety and relaxes your entire body.

Cool the heat from hot flashes with an herbal tea! Beats night sweats, too.

And more delicious, health-giving teas and smoothies!

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